about us

Our Founders

EdwardXI Yang
CMO and Founder

Edward is one of the founders of Rofi Labs. Working towards his Master's in Finance, he strives to leverage his expertise in corporate finance and experience working with project developments to take the pulse of aspiring startup projects and tailor the optimal software development process for them.

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Director and Founder

Dulhara is one of the directors and founders of Rofi Labs. With his expertise in innovation and marketing, he focused on imporving the accessability of software resources throughout Australia.

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  • Vision

    To provide innovative, high-quality and economical IT solutions, so that start-ups can grow and existing companies can expand.

  • Mission

    To empower creative minds and provide a platform that any person can use to bring their tech ideas to life.

  • Our values
    • R

      Sincere, trustworthy and reliable

    • O

      Committed to exceptional services, communication and teamwork

    • F

      Enthusiasts and highly creative when bringing your software to life

    • I

      Open and Engaged with Customers, Employees and the Community