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You do not need to be an industry expert to understand our approach

 Join us on our journey in providing innovative, high-quality and economical IT solutions to the Australian consumer. Our Australian software start-up has locked in a partnership with two of Sri Lanka’s industry leaders in software development. Using our Onshore and Offshore Hybrid Model, ROFI Labs works together with clients to hand select a team of expert software developers who can reliably cater to your ever-changing business needs.

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Our Hybrid Model

At ROFI Labs we are experts in building and managing dedicated teams of software engineers who become a regular part of your in-house workforce, contributing to the development, maintenance and support of your software applications.

ROFI Lab’s Onshore and Offshore Hybrid Model utilises internationally recognised and experienced software developers from Sri Lanka to reduce developmental costs, while maintaining important features of local software development, including communication, management and quality.

Our highly skilled software professionals have over two decades of experience working with geographically disperse teams and our associates have made trusted partnerships with well-known clientele globally.

Understanding your business

Here at ROFI Labs, we care what you have to say. Tell us your needs and we can build you the software solutions. We develop long-term relationships with clients to help manage and scale software as your business grows.

Elaborate discussion & dedicating teams

ROFI Lab’s Australian consultants begin every relationship with an in-depth discussion about the vision for your project. This information is used to hand-select a dedicated team of software experts who we will work with for the duration of your project.

Establishing an action plan

We care about your progress. That is why we work with you to make an elaborate action plan that included goals, timelines and operating budgets.


We can acknowledge software is a living and breathing thing that is subject to changes in requirements, goals and situations. At ROFI Labs, adopting a Scrum framework allows everyone the ability to collaborate productively and innovatively to solve complex problems.

With Scrum, a project is built using a series of iterations known as “Sprints”. These “Sprints” break larger projects into bite sized pieces, allowing for transparency, regular communication, easier management, faster feedback and faster deliveries. Most importantly, Scrum gives you (the customer) the flexibility to adapt and change your own project during the developmental process.

Process Win

Dedicating Teams

The secret of our success is fully dedicated software engineering professionals, who are not only hand selected expects for the job, but also who always enjoy what they do and are completely committed to the projects.

ROFI Lab’s will find you a dedicated team of software experts to provide you high-quality software development services and management that are bespoke to your needs and vision. Teams are adjusted according to project requirements. Our unique HR process selects some of the best in the industry and will save you money, time and stress.

How we dedicate teams

Understanding your needs and vision

A team of dedicated experts is hand selected from a large talent pool of engineers in Sri Lanka. Experts from our selected portfolio pools are then reviews and approved by you. Our teams are adaptable to your unique situations and are trained to understand how your business works and what it needs.

Dedicated Manager

Once our consultants have shortlisted a bespoke team of experts, you will have the chance to review their portfolios and select your dedicated team.

Long-term rapport

Our bespoke team of experts have historically maintained positive long-term relationships with clientele globally.

Quick Team Formations

Forming teams is a smooth and dynamic process. We have a large talent pool of industry experts ready for deployment or redeployment.

Interview Stage

Once our consultants have shortlisted a bespoke team of experts, you will have the chance to review their portfolios and select your dedicated team.

Ongoing communication

Here at ROFI Labs, our Australian and international teams work with clients throughout the entire process. Our Onshore and Offshore experts love to help. Feel free to contact our Australian consultants or members of your dedicated teams at a moment’s notice.


Our dedicated teams are built to match each client’s unique requirements. During our initial consultation we will gain an understanding of your business size, model and vision, and will recommend an appropriate package to fulfil your projects requirements.

A one-person team

A top notch expert focused on a required field, complementing your existing team

A dedicated team

Customer selected team of 2-10 professionals to assist in the development process or support an ongoing project

A dedicated team + Leader

A dedicated team with a team leader to take full responsibility for your project – from a prototype to MVP to launch

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